The Problem:

  • Up to 50% of a volunteer coordinator’s time is spent chasing stuff like references
  • Volunteers’ biggest grievance is the length of time it takes to complete the application process, and the antiquated steps they have to take
  • Volunteer dropouts can be over 50% before they have even been placed
  • As a result the number of older people your charity can help is reduced

The Solution:

VolunteerReady takes all the admin involved in the application and reference checking off a charity’s hands

  1. We do this by first turning your application form into an online form which can be completed 24/7 on desktop and mobile
  2. Volunteers fill out their details, availability, referees and agree to your declaration by clicking a link from your website 
  3. Reference checks are automatically sent and chased on a weekly basis. Checks are completed online by referees
  4. Data is sent to your Coordinator to progress applications to the next step


VolunteerReady can give your coordinators up to 50% more capacity, we can reduce drop out rates, reduce the time it takes for volunteers to be placed, and ultimately help you increase the number of vulnerable people the charity can help.

VolunteerReady – a better volunteering experience

Watch a video of the application process an individual would go through by clicking on the white arrow below (4 mins 23 secs)

Watch a video of the reference process a referee would go through by clicking on the white arrow below (2 mins 21 secs)

Watch a video of the Application and Reference Reports we provide to your team by clicking on the white arrow below (39 secs)

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